Thursday, 2 December 2010


Who needs lyrics, right? They go on a bit, you usually can't hear them properly, they get in the way of basslines, and they're just a bit unnecessary...well, sort of. A band that don't need voices, warbling harmonies or, indeed, lyrics are Memphis born garage-surf killers, Impala. For the best part of 20 years (sporadically, anyhow) the band have making boogie-down, cocktail stick-chewing, surfological riffs and bringing the party vibes all over the South East States and beyond.


Being as though the vast majority of scum suckers (us included) rarely listen to instrumental music, we thought we would get Scott Bomar from the band to give us his top 5 instrumental bands, with his favourite songs by them and a little brief on why they are awesome...because we like to be spoonfed.

Top 5 Instrumental Band's Songs

1. Bill Jennings "What's New" King Records. 1954

"When Impala was touring a lot in the 1990s, we bought a King Records instrumental R&B compilation called "After Hours" at a truck stop in the middle of America and we literally wore the copy out. We would play Bill Jennings take on the standard "Whats New" over and over, it sounds magical. The perfect late night mood music."

2. Booker T and the MGs "Melting Pot" Stax Records 1971

This song gives me chills every time I hear it, Booker T and the MGs are my favorite instrumental group and this is them at their finest.

3. Issac Hayes "Pursuit of the Pimpmobile" Stax Records 1974

"This is from Issac's score to Truck Turner. Issac's scores to Truck Turner, Tough Guys and Shaft are all incredible. Skip Pitts who is the guitarist in my band, The Bo-Keys, is playing on this and he also played the wha wha part on "Theme From Shaft" and all of Issac's 70s recordings."

4. Willie Mitchell "20-75" Hi Records 1964

"Willie passed away this past January, he was my mentor and one of the greatest people ever. Everything he did is great, "20-75" is a good starting point."

5. Henry Mancini "The Pink Panther Theme" RCA Records 1964

"It doesn't get any better than this. I love Mancini but the star here is the amazing tenor sax of LA session saxophonist, Plas Johnson who was originally from New Orleans."

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