Monday, 13 December 2010


As far as visual/drone artists go, Fatima Al Qadiri has got to be pretty much at the end of the rainbow. Born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait (currently hanging out in NYC), the Eastern upbringing is massively prominent in her music - and not just the warping and distorting of quotes from the Qur'an, smart ass - There are incredible layers of depth in her influences ranging from frantic electronics to steel drums. Chaotic at times, we can't decide whether she is mesmirising/uplifting or terrifying/unnerving...what do you reckon?

Anyways, the visual comment at the beginning of this recommendation wasn't just a crowd-drawer, it was a written tee, yeah! Fatima's acapella project "Ayshay" has brought with it the opportunity to get her video editing steez on as displayed by the hectic video underneath this blurb. Definitely on the conceptual arts tip, for sure.

Fatima has just released her new track "d - medley" (purposefully lower case, of course), which is certainly the most listenable of her creations and a firm favourite in heavy rotation right now...listen to that here.

s y m p h o n i c d i e t r a v e s

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