Monday, 6 December 2010


For the Metal novice, navigating your way through all the sub-genres and new terms involved in order to become an all out metal-nerd can seem pretty overwhelming. You've got Thrash, Deathgrind, Goth, and if you get any of these genres mixed up, you know full well that your pleather jacket will be stripped from your back and you will be banished from the realm of head-banging forever, made to cut your hair, listen to spanish guitar music and drive a Rover. But, how do you get to know all this shit? You're only one (wo)man, and the coolest guy you know is still listening to The Mad Capsules Markets. We got your back dawg.

The Map of Metal looks like a pirate map from Monkey Island, with its lame skull and cross bones everywhere, but constitutes the main reading material you will need if you stand any chance of not being ousted from the Crows Nest (or whereever else it is you're trying to make metal pals). You simply click around the map, as you see fit, and as you do you are given a concise rundown of each of the genres and the differing style. As an accompaniment, you get a handy playlist along side each, so you can memorise the most obscure band and show off to your new mates. Really sick idea, and a futuristic leap from previous music maps. Study to avoid a beating.


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