Thursday, 2 December 2010


Photo by Christina Kernohan

For those of you who don't know (and you kinda should), Lucky Me are a Scottish-based record label/creative collective made up of artitsts, musicians, promoters and producers who have been burning their own brand on to the faces of everyone who has the pleasure of taking a look.

With a strong sense of style, and a determination to keep matters as they want them, Lucky Me's innovative attitude to being creative hasn't gone unnoticed. What started as a group of mates putting their heads together because they had similar tastes has now gained international acclaim and is keeping them really busy.

Lucky Me have the look, the style, the sound, and all are very much their own. They give away music, stream mixtapes on their site constantly, put out dynamic records, and treat people to a party or two.

Juke spoke to Co-Director, Martyn Flyn, about all the things that make their label different and what he thinks about a bunch of other stuff...

Lucky Me is a very distinctive brand/operation – how important to you think it is now for record labels and musical collectives to maintain their own style?

I think it's hugely important- not even limited to labels and music. Maintaining our own style is a reflection of us and hopefully people who identify with what we are doing, and recognise our influences, will feel that they can be a part of it.

For your own artwork, who would you say has been the greatest inspiration?

Glasgow School of Art, 90s skateboard graphics, too many books and magazines.

What movements in music right now are impressing you the most?

Theres always so much great music locally in Scotland- UK wise always love what comes out of Hessle Audio, Night Slugs and Numbers , always listening to lots of new HipHop RnB production. We, also, clearly love the new Montreal scene of producers: Lunice, Jacques Greene and Ango. They all make really unique music filled with tons of personality and swagger.

In the past 30 years, whose whole package (record sleeves, music, style, performance) has blown your mind the most?

Wow 30 years... Prince, Mahavishnu, Hudson Mohawke, Jodeci, Warp records, Stones Throw.

Which direction do you see yourselves going in the next few years? Are there any new endeavours in the pipeline?

Lots of plans I'm worried about jinxing by talking about. Id like the Art side of our collective get more shine , theres some really great musical projects on the way and some more international label showcases coming soon.

Finally, let us get a top 5 off of you...what are your top 5 hip hop tunes?

Changes all the time...

1. Royal Flush "Worldwide"
2. Juelz Santana "Santanas Town"
3. Pastor Troy "Are We Cuttin?"
4. Baby and Clipse " What Happened to that Boy"
5. Freeway "What we do"

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  1. good call on the baby and clipse "what happened to that boy"