Thursday, 26 August 2010


Trash Talk are one of the most intense live bands we've seen. And we've seen Hanson.

Photographer Alex de Mora talks tourbus movies and beat poetry with the raging post-hardcore nice guys

Trash Talk's Top Five Tourbus Flicks

1. Top gun
It’s a classic. I had the soundtrack as a kid and used to play with my toy planes as I listened to it.

2. Ferris Bueller
One of my favourite movies. I had a total crush on Sloane Peterson ...still do. She's smokin’. A movie about the coolest day ever.

3. Beverley Hills Cop
The funniest film for one-liners. I’m a huge Judge Reinhold fan.

4. Point Break
The only movie that combined surfing, bank robbing, guns ‘n’ shit. In San Francisco they're doing a live action play of it!

5. Cabin Fever
On our tour last summer in Europe we had 2 DVDs and that was one of them. We watched that one way more than the other. It’s such a gross movie. It’s a bad film but we had so much fun watching it cos we memorised the whole thing as it’s all we had to watch.

Tell us a secret?

I played Darth Vader AND Chewbacca in a stage play at high school.

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