Thursday, 19 August 2010


Cerebral Ballzy rule (but you knew that).

So here are frontman Honor's top 5 skate tunes and snapper turtle Alex De Mora's epic shot (see more in JUKE vol.02, out September).

Gee, takes us back to that time Dizzee Rascal smashed Diplo in the face with a skateboard in the record company's office. True story.


1. Dead Boys - Ain't it fun
"Undertone of pure gnar. Slow, melodic, but epic. If I had a skate part in a video it would be to that"

2. Violator - Destined to Die
"As thrash it gets!"

3. Any Agent Orange or JFA song

4. Dinosaur Jr - Forget the Swan
"For when I land stylish tailslides."

5. Slayer - Epidemic
"So fast that it ended before I landed the trick!"

We asked him to tell us a secret and he said, "I love bull dykes (but that's not really a secret)."

Oh word.

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