Thursday, 5 August 2010

Aside from Method Man being off playing actors, and the unfortunate absence of Dirt McGirt (I have heard others talking about Cappadonna not being there, but taxis don't drive themselves people) - the Wu showed no signs of ageing last night at Brixton Academy. Bouncing all over the mic and tag-teaming the shit out of centre stage in front the usual sea of white middle class kids that populate every hip hop gig in the UK ever.

It was the Toys-R-Us of Hip Hop shows from start to finish, but I've got to say that even though watching Rae and the gang lunge all over the stage like tea-bagging paraplegics was a fucking spiritual experience, the warm up DJ, Mista Jam, killed it so hard that my thirst for quality hip hop was almost permanently quenched. He honestly must have played every good hip hop party tune to come out of NYC ever, seemingly.

Such was my excitement to hear all of this good shit again in public, Juke thought we would treat you all, in no particular order, to some of the biggest block-rocking jams hip hop has ever produced - ripping off Mista Jam's set entirely, but he did kinda leave us with no choice, you know? (It's not rocket science or a particularly revolutionary selection, but being reminded of better days is always good, huh?)

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