Friday, 6 August 2010


Sonisphere. Most un-metal festival name ever? And yet, its Jagerbomb ranneth over with blast beat behemoths and other wrinkly legends - Anthrax, Slayer, Maiden, Motley, Iggy...

Running with the inconsistency, we ingested stuff designed for telling strangers you love them at house parties and subsequently failed to be remotely hardcore for hours and hours.

We tried to address the delicate balance between the trance conference moniker and embarrassingly positive vibes with some family from Norfolk's totally metal 'Thor Hammer' homebrew, but remained disconcertedly smiley and fragrant all weekend. Although the youngest daughter/great gran of the crew showed us a tattoo that's keeping us awake at night.

Our brosome snapper turtle Alex de Mora was there too. In the spirit of all the off-brand behaviour, here are a few of his sillier shots.

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