Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Slow down? Schmlow down! When it comes to festivals, JUKE has been letting loose like a diabetic with a mouthful of schnozberries! Man, my guts feel like Neil Buchanan’s primary school paint pot collection, but you know what? I reckon they could take more.

This weekend in Victoria Park, LDN, the ever-growing barrage of electronic sludge that is Field Day is once again forcing East Enders to strap on the nose bag and eat some serious fun on a Saturday. This year's line-up boasts a bunch of different acts, including The Fall, No Age, Mount Kimbie, Gold Panda, Andrew Weatherall doing a muthafricking Rockabilly set (OMFG)…to name but a few.

A special little heads up to anyone who was planning on missing it, but Silver Apples are bringing their uncomfortable noise to the park too. They're like a space ship made out of a broken mosaic of metallic witch doctors - It can't go badly.

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