Monday, 16 May 2011

H E L L - W A Z - E R E


Every June, a swarm of denim and leather can be found graduating towards Clisson on the west coast of France.

In comparison to some of the overcrowded and characterless UK metal festivals, Hellfest has a genuinely unique atmosphere, which can be mostly given to the fact that the attendance is much more intimate at only 20,000.

This is a place where dedicated metal fans can come to drink beer, headbang and shout/roar at each other for 3 days. There's no aggro, no over-zealous security, and importantly, no dickheads asking you for a free hug. To keep yourself alive over the festival there's also a giant supermarket just outside the site where you can load up on cheap beers, baguettes and 1 euro bottles of cava.

This place is basically 'Metal Mecca'- get your filthy paws on a ticket before they run out asap:

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