Tuesday, 1 February 2011


There's something so creepily early 90s about actual people using real drugs (well, weed) and totally tattooing themselves while dropping the f-bomb like they're not on a major label with a mostly tweenaged fanbase.

Die Antwoord's 'trailer' for Rich Bitch is the 2k11 equivalent of that guy with Slayer cut into his arm buying his first cellphone from Cypress Hill and snakeboarding home to NIN's Closer (I Wannna Eff You Like An Animal) while calling up the cast of Mallrats to 'vent'.

Oh, and 'director' Kobus Holnaaier's surname means 'holefucker' in Afrikaans.

No wonder these guys would rather be shopping for hipster accoutrements in LA and smoking fragrance-free cigarettes with David Lynch and calling Buraka Son Sistema 'Baraka Obama' and saying stuff like, "How cool is Eric fuckin Bana?".

But no pain, no gain - check out Wadkin Tudor Jones aka 'Ninja' honing his craft with some authentically scaly Cape Town dudes.

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