Sunday, 14 November 2010


Solar Bears new album is fucking great. But you knew that. Juke got in touch with one half of the spacial land dwellers, John McElheron, to discuss what it was that we thought we should be talking about. Never let it be said that a lack of plan should hinder a music journalist from having a friendly chat about nothing at all in particular. Well, that's what happened anyway. Over the course of 3 days, emails about tape machines, the lack of creative inspiration in Ireland, new tours, David Lynch, good reviews, favourite records and Scorpio Rising were fired across the water. We finally settled on him giving us a top 5 Death In Vegas tunes. So, here they are. Thanks man.

Top 5 Death In Vegas songs

Neptune City:

This was an influence on our song Neon Colony. I adore the guitar sound and the use of drone throughout. The layering is really tastefully done and when the horns come in at the end it is a truly joyous moment. Perfect album closer.

Help Yourself:

Complete genius. It helps to have a virtuouso musician doing a solo and scoring the strings when you are making a composition. Everything from the bass, to the drums, to the sitar, strikes an emotional chord. The vocals from Hope Sandoval are supremely narcotic and intoxicating. I think Help Yourself set the bar since it was released.

Blood Yawning:

Not many people know about this gem. It is a live favourite and was on the Aisha single. The use of repetition is masterful, each layer revealing itself fluidly in an organic manner. One of the things that mark Death in Vegas and this number apart in particular is the sound design itself, the timbre is all important.


Again a rarity. The song is really broken down and streamlined which makes it ultra direct. They really know how to write a riff, puts other groups to shame. Highly cinematic and widescreen at the same time.


One of the final tracks off their last album Satan's Circus. It is psychedelic and then some with glorious melodies and atmospherics. Slightly envious I did not make the arrangement myself.

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