Tuesday, 19 October 2010


It’s cool when a band takes a bit more time about doing their thing. A bit more pride in their appearance. Like an old dog, but with some new tricks.

Art-infused Lo Light’s MySpace looks like someone smashed mid-90s Angelina Jolie all over binary code. It’s a total contrast from the, occasionally (wait for it), blissed-out synths, and adds an unexpected eeriness to their overall sound. There's a strong feeling that the visual is just as important as all the other elements that inform the glitchagramma of their noise. So many bands have those long exposure, warm-washed colour photographs adorning every inch of their sites(which we're into, FYI), but that shouldn't be a pre-requisite for cool, surely?

Image heavy - YES. Doppelgänger - NO.

These are a couple of our favourite images that they have posted. Oh yeah, their music is also very good, and with upbeat catchy song titles such as “Piece By Piece Into The Ants Nest I Go”, they’ve got all the bases covered.

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